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The bAy TEAM are local and skilled carpenters, construction and design contractors in the Batemans Bay and wider NSW South Coast areas.

Since the devastating 2019/2020 bushfires swept through the region, the bAy TEAM have been helping others with temporary shelter and services.

Currently, the focus is on providing affordable solutions for bushfire affected people who wish to live (or work) on their own land.

1, 2 & 3 bedroom cabins and all sizes of sheds for innovative storage or living can be customised to suit your needs, land and future plans.

Specialising in all-inclusive cabin packages, temporary, relocatable dwellings and off-grid answers to power your life or as a back-up when services fail.

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Locals Supporting Locals

The bAy TEAM crew understand the local area well and are empathetic to property owners and businesses that have been affected by the bushfires.

Materials are sourced locally (as much as possible) giving back to economic recovery and local jobs.

It is a long road to recovery, but together WE CAN DO IT!

The bAy TEAM

The bAy TEAM are a group of experienced workers with all the skills & qualifications needed to get your job done from start to finish.

Many are well known locals who have been affected by the recent bushfires in one way or another. David Crooke has developed the bAy TEAM as a continuation of the voluntary work he and his mates have done in the aftermath of the fires - lending a hand and helping others.

They bring enthusiasm and passion to your project and believe that together we can not just survive but also thrive as individuals, families, businesses and communities.

David Crooke Batemans Bay South Coast NSW

David is a 2nd generation local from Batemans Bay who has been successfully running projects & teams for many years throughout the surrounding regions.

David is also a local bushfire survivor and hero who lost his own home in Nov 2019. Read more about David's and watch his story video at:

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